Event Engine Prooph V7 Event Store Integration

v0.10.0 2021-02-06 22:39 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-07 00:00:59 UTC


Event Engine Prooph V7 Event Store Bindings


composer require event-engine/prooph-v7-event-store

Prooph Binding





A prooph v7 compatible FilesystemEventStore is included, too. It is meant to be used for demonstration purpose only (for example in a workshop).

//Basic set up that's able to handle Prooph\Common\Messaging\DomainEvent
$filesystemEventStore = new \EventEngine\Prooph\V7\EventStore\FilesystemEventStore(
    // optional MessageFactory -> defaults to FQCNMessageFactory
    // optional MessageConverter -> defaults to NoOpMessageConverter

//Create an empty stream
    new \Prooph\EventStore\Stream(
        new \Prooph\EventStore\StreamName('event_stream'), 
        new ArrayIterator()

//Can also be used together with an InMemoryProjectionManager
$projectionManager = new \EventEngine\Prooph\V7\EventStore\Projecting\InMemory\InMemoryProjectionManager(
    new \EventEngine\Persistence\InMemoryConnection()

$query = $projectionManager->createQuery();

    ->whenAny(function (array $state, \Prooph\Common\Messaging\DomainEvent $event) {
        echo "{$event->messageName()} stored in event_stream\n";


Please Note: The combination of FilesystemEventStore and InMemoryProjectionManager has the drawback that projections only see events that are in the event store at the time of running the projection. If other PHP processes add events to the store, those are first visible for the projection after restarting the PHP process and running the projection again. We might add a FilesystemProjectionManager in the future, if needed.