This is a bridge between the Eve Online Public Crest and the Laravel Framework.

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Last update: 2020-08-02 11:15:53 UTC


This small library is a bridge between the Eve Public Crest PHP Library and the Laravel Framework. it is the continued efforts of the Eve Public Crest PHP Library.


composer require evemarket/eve-market-details-laravel-bridge

Set Up

Register the provider:

    'providers' => [



Register any of the following facades:

    'aliases' => [


        'EvePrices'       => EveOnlineBridge\Service\Facades\PricesFacade::class,
        'EveRegions'      => EveOnlineBridge\Service\Facades\RegionsFacade::class,
        'EveMarketGroups' => EveOnlineBridge\Service\Facades\MarketGroupsFacade::class,
        'EveItemDetails'  => EveOnlineBridge\Service\Facades\DetailsFacade::class,
        'EveRegionOrders' => EveOnlineBridge\Service\Facades\OrderFacade::class,
        'EveMarketTypes'  => EveOnlineBridge\Service\Facades\TypesFacade::class,
        'EveItemHistory'  => EveOnlineBridge\Service\Facades\MarketHistoryFacade::class

Thats it. You are all ready to go. Each of these services maps to a class that can be injected into a controller action or called statically via: EvePrices::fnName().

You can read the Eve Online Public Crest README to learn more about the library.

Where are the tests?

Please see the Eve Online Public Crest for tests of the actual library.