A simple class to automagically generate a Gravatar given an email address.

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A super simple class to generate Gravatar images based on email addresses. Built to work with Laravel 4.

##Usage Example

Add the Service Provider to your app/config/app.php file:

| Autoloaded Service Providers
| The service providers listed here will be automatically loaded on the
| request to your application. Feel free to add your own services to
| this array to grant expanded functionality to your applications.

'providers' => array(

Use the Gravatar class within your app:

$gravatar = App::make('simplegravatar');
$gravatarUrl = $gravatar->getGravatar('');

You can optionally change the options too using a variety of methods to set the size for the gravatar, the default image to be used if the gravatar doesn't exist, whether to use a secure (HTTPS) connection and more:

$gravatarUrl = $gravatar->setSecure(true)->setExtension('jpg')->setSize(32)->setDefault('identicon')->getGravatar('');

Preferences are stored as attributes of the $gravatar object so once you set the attributes once, you don't need to do so again - meaning subsequently you only need call


###Alternative usage

There is also a GravatarFacade class shipped with the package allowing you to easily use the Gravatar facade once it has been added to your app/config/app.php file.