Easily integrate Shopify with Craft CMS!

dev-master 2020-07-29 11:31 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-29 04:12:17 UTC


Easily integrate Shopify with Craft CMS!


  • Create endpoints for the following webhooks:
    • Collection Create? / Update / Delete
    • Product Create / Update / Delete
    • Order Create
    • Add utility to automatically add the webhooks (will need more API access)
  • Add manual sync utilities
  • DON'T use element type, use section


  • Dynamically create / remove entries based on Shopify products (entries disabled by default)
  • Dynamically create / remove categories based on Shopify collections (categories disabled by default)
  • Show a snippet of the product in a custom field in the entry (use this custom field to get shopify product data)
  • Add shopify properties to product entries / collection categories (i.e. product.shopifyId)
  • Add twig tags / endpoints to show / update the Shopify "checkouts" (carts)
  • Tie craft users to Shopify customers (SSO?, checkoutCustomerAssociate on login)

Nice to have

  • Allow basic editing of Shopify products in craft (i.e. title)
  • Widgets showing various sales metrics
  • Store some product info to allow for in-craft filtering
  • In-craft orders section for viewing / filtering orders (link to shopify)
  • Add "New Shopify Product" button to element index for selected product element type
  • Map any value from a product to any field (within reason)
  • Add product search to collection page
  • Two-way sync (sync changes in Craft to Shopify for tracked fields)
  • Add "Admin Link" to Shopify, linking directly from a product or collection to its Craft counterpart


  • Create Shopify private app
  • Enable Storefront API
  • "Products, variants and collections" Read / Write access
  • "Customer details and customer groups" Read / Write access
  • "Orders, transactions and fulfillments" Read / Write access


  • Using the bulk product importer will only include the first 10 collections on the product