A helper module for building Craft CMS plugins with Vue components

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Last update: 2024-04-05 17:48:21 UTC


A helper module for building Craft CMS plugins with Vue components.

This supports all major browsers except IE11.


composer require ether/craft-vue


First, register the module wherever you are rendering your Vue components:

class Field extends \craft\base\Field

    public function getInputHtml ()
        // ...


Then in your JS register your component (this should be a JS file imported by an asset bundle):

Craft.booting(Vue => {
    Vue.component('my-component', require('../vue/MyComponent.vue'));

You can import your component however you want, but if you use .vue files be sure to compile them beforehand. Craft.booting supports returned Promises, and await / async syntax.

It's now possible to use <my-component></my-component> anywhere in the #main div.

Note: If you're developing, remember to set 'useCompressedJs' => false to use Vue in development mode.

Future Features

  • CLI for creating boilerplate for compatible Vue components with hot-reloading and other fun stuff (something like ./craft vue/create [name], perhaps using Laravel Mix).