Wordpress integrated with Laravel via Composer. Together, but independent.

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1.2.0 2019-04-11 07:35 UTC

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Build Status

Wordpress integrated with Laravel via Composer.

  • Atention! The branch master is no longer manteined. Now I'm working on branch light. Not booting Laravel anymore, instead just using some packages. It all is because performance reason.

Documentation is being building on wiki page.


Run composer install and have a system in place with:

  • Wordpress as front and back-end
  • Laravel as API and front-and (if necessary)
  • Install Wordpress and plugins via composer
  • Keeping plugins and themes for Wordpress environment as it is
  • Access to Laravel API, including Facades, inside Wordpress
  • Access Wordpress API inside Laravel

Theme features

The w.eloquent project comes with a very simple theme (base).

To see the very features you have at your disposal, check out the w.eloquent starter theme

Complementary packages

w.eloquent Command Bus


These are projects I like and did inspire me to put it all together:


The packages are being adapted to WordPress environment.

  • Views
  • Blade template engine
  • Routes by Cortex
  • Assets by Occiptial
  • Hooks by Striatum
  • Validation
  • CLI (php wel)
  • Cache
  • Hash
  • Filesystem
  • Html
  • Translation
  • Encryption
  • Cookie
  • Session
  • Database
  • Migration
  • Seed
  • Auth
  • Log
  • Mail
  • Queue

  • Redis
  • Remote
  • Reminder

  • Workbench (not planned)
  • Pagination (provided by WordPress)