Easy use token in CakePHP 4

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2.0.1 2021-01-18 15:11 UTC

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Last update: 2021-02-18 15:33:13 UTC



This is a really "simple to use" cakephp 4 plugin for generating and reading temporaries tokens


composer require erwane/cakephp-token:^2.0
bin/cake migrations migrate -p Token


Generate a token

 * Create a token with data and return the id
 * @param  array  $content   an array of custom data
 * @param  string $expire    expire exprimed in '+6 days +2 hours' format
 * @return string            The token id

$myNewTokenId = \Token\Token::generate(array $content, $expire);

Get token

// return null (expired or not found) or Token entity
$token = \Token\Token::get($tokenId);

Delete token

Tokens deletion can be ignored, they will be destroyed on expire, but sometime you need to delete one token immediately

 * Delete token from id or entity
 * @param \Token\Model\Entity\Token|string $token Token entity or id
 * @return bool True if token was deleted
$result = \Token\Token::delete($token);

Auto cleaning

Each time a token is read, expired tokens are pruned