Cakephp plugin for manipulating Contact information (address, phone, ...)

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Software License Travis

CakePHP-Contact is here to help you save, test and display all locality and contact datas like phone & address.

It is compatible with CakePHP 4 only. For Cakephp3 compatibility, use 1.x versions

Installing with Composer

Use composer to install it

composer require erwane/cakephp-contact

Phone numbers


Contact\Utility\Phone::format(?string $text = null, array $options = [])

$text is string or null $options is an array with this possible options and output

  • country : a country code like FR or UK
  • format : * international: +33 1 23 45 67 89 * national: 01 23 45 67 89 * uri: tel:+33-1-23-45-67-89 * short: +33123456789


The phone number database type automatically format request data to an E164 phone number (+33....) It also format phone number from unformated database result.

How to use PhoneNumberType

// in src/Application.php
use Cake\Core\Exception\MissingPluginException;

public function bootstrap(): void
    // Load Contact plugin
    try {
    } catch (MissingPluginException $e) {

// in table file
use Cake\Database\Schema\TableSchemaInterface;
use Cake\Orm\Table;

class UsersTable extends Table
     * {@inheritDoc}
    protected function _initializeSchema(TableSchemaInterface $schema): TableSchemaInterface
        $schema->setColumnType('phone_number', 'phonenumber')
            ->setColumnType('mobile_number', 'phonenumber');

        return $schema;

Default country

Phone number in forms are set in the user country format, like 0123456789 for France. But there can be conflict, depends of the user Country who fill the form. You can set defaultCountry for all phone number not set in international format.

// in config/bootstrap.php
// or after loaded user preference or website country
use Cake\Database\TypeFactory;
use Contact\Database\Type\PhoneNumberType;

$phoneNumberType = new PhoneNumberType();
TypeFactory::set('phonenumber', $phoneNumberType);

Now, all non international form phone numbers was formated with +32 prefix

Phone number validation

Contact plugin provide a simple phone number validation rule

// in validation method

public function validationDefault(Validator $validator)
    $validator->setProvider('contact', 'Contact\Validation\ContactValidation');
    $validator->add('phone_number', [
        'number' => [
            'provider' => 'contact',
            'rule' => ['phone'],

// You can pass country argument
$validator->add('phone_number', [
    'number' => [
        'provider' => 'contact',
        'rule' => ['phone', 'ES'],

Phone Helper

You can format a phone number in a really simple manner;

// In src/AppView.php
public function initialize(): void

// in template file
echo $this->Contact->phone($entity->phone_number);

// Can pass options (see Utility/Phone::format() help)
echo $this->Contact->phone($entity->phone_number, [
    'country' => 'BE',
    'format' => 'uri',

Address trait

This trait must be attached to \Cake\ORM\Entity in your App. It take address data from Entity fields and format it to standard array or string format.

The fields and format can be configured in Entity or by method.


Address fields matching

By default, address will be extracted from this fields :

// ['key' => 'field name in database']
    'organization' => 'organization',
    'street1' => 'street1',
    'street2' => 'street2',
    'postalCode' => 'postalCode',
    'locality' => 'locality',
    'region' => 'Regions.title', // Pluralized table name
    'country' => 'Countries.title', // Pluralized table name

Data can be in an associated model. Use dot format Countries.title to set it.

Address text format

Address text ($entity->address_text) use Cake\Utility\Text::insert() method to format fields.

Default address text format is :

:postalCode :locality

Address trait configuration

You can change default configuration in two ways.

With methods

// setAddressFields(array $fields, bool $merge = true)
$entity->setAddressFields(['organization' => 'name']);

// setAddressFormat(string $format)

In entity

use Cake\ORM\Entity;
use Contact\Model\Entity\AddressTrait;

class Company extends Entity
    use AddressTrait;

    protected $_addressFields = [
        'organization' => 'name',
        'street1' => 'address1',
        'street2' => 'address2',
        'postalCode' => 'postal_code',
        'locality' => 'city',
        'region' => '',
        'country' => '',

    protected $_addressFormat = ":street1 :street2\n:locality :postalCode\n:region :country";