There is no license information available for the latest version (5.1.1) of this package.

Transip API client that can work with Heroku

5.1.1 2014-12-17 13:25 UTC


Added Transip_ApiSettings::$soapOptions so you can add extra options to SoapClient (

I made this adjustment to make it possible to communicate with Transip from Heroku ( Heroku doesn't have a fixed IP range so it's not possible to add a trusted IP (


Download the files or add "eresults/transip-api": "dev-master" to composer.json.


Proximo (

Add the code below to your bootstrap file and add the IP you get from Proximo to the transip trusted IP list.

$parsed = parse_url( getenv( 'PROXIMO_URL' ) );
Transip_ApiSettings::$soapOptions = array( 
  'proxy_host' => $parsed['host'],
  'proxy_port' => isset( $parsed['port'] ) ? $parsed['port'] : 80,
  'proxy_login' => $parsed['user'],
  'proxy_password' => $parsed['pass']


This repo is based on TransipAPI 4.2 ( and in no way affiliated with or endorsed by TransIP.