cPanel PublicAPI PHP client and cPanel PHP library

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This is the repository for the cPanel PublicAPI client written in PHP.

What's Included

The repository contains the following items. Each of which is explained in further detail below:

  • The cPanel PHP library
  • The PublicAPI client class
  • An examples directory
  • The PHPUnit tests for the cPanel PHP library and PublicAPI client class

QuickStart Example of the PublicAPI Client

This quick start example illustrates:

  1. Instantiating the PublicAPI client object with a configuration array.
  2. Invoking the whm_api() method for querying the XML-API::version function
  3. Getting the version string from the response object

Code: <?php

    // Include the autoloader
    require_once realpath( dirname(__FILE__) . '/Util/Autoload.php');
    // Make a configuration data array
    $config = array(
        'service' => array(
            'whm' => array(
                'config'    => array(
                    'host' => '',
                    'user' => 'root',
                    'password' => 'rootsecret'
    // Instantiate the PublicAPI client
    $cp = Cpanel_PublicAPI::getInstance($config);
    // Make a Whostmgr query
    $response = $cp->whm_api('version');
    // Print result string
    echo "WHM Version: {$response->version}\n";

The cPanel PHP Library

The cPanel PHP library is a foundation for developers to build applications and scripts that interact with cPanel systems.

Version 0.1.0 is compatible with PHP >= 5.2

The library is divided into components. The follow list itemizes a few of the components, and their description, that are in the library:

  • Cpanel_Query

    Abstract classes for creating objects that can query a cPanel system

  • Cpanel_Service

    Concrete and abstract classes that represent cPanel Services like Whostmgr and cPanel

  • Cpanel_Parser

    Classes that allow for encoding and decoding common string and data structures

  • Cpanel_Util

    Utility files and scripts for developing with the cPanel library

  • ... and others

The PublicAPI Client Class

PublicAPI is the moniker for cPanel's defined, client interface: A contract if you will, that presents a language agnostic set of methods for interacting with cPanel systems.

The PublicAPI PHP client class in this repository is a PHP implementation of that interface. The client supports all methods of the PublicAPI interface as well as most of the methods available in previous PHP client classes, such as the XML-API client class.

Examples of how to code with the PublicAPI client class can be found:

  • In brief: The QuickStart Example of the PublicAPI Client section of this document
  • In detail: The examples directory, Cpanel/Examples/ within the repository

Version 0.1.0 is compatible with PHP >= 5.2

Examples Directory

There are several example files located in Cpanel/Examples/. Reading Introduction_to_PublicAPI.php is a good place to start. All other examples assume that you have read it.

Each example file is a working example if you substitute your own credentials and host information.

In fact, you can even run the LivePHP example, Using_the_LivePHP_Service.php, locally without having to download and install it respective of the LivePHP environment. This is possible due to a mock server that is part of the testing apparatus. Note: this is a very, very simple mock server and is not intended for anything other than example usage. So please, do not implement or rely on it.

Unit Tests

Unit tests for the cPanel PHP library and the PublicAPI client class are included in the Cpanel/Tests/ directory. They are written for use with PHPUnit >= 3.5 These test will require PHP 5.3 or greater, as they use specific Reflection functions that allow for assertions to be made on properties and methods whose visibility is private or protected.