Start a new contao project based on the nutshell framework

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You can find the documentation of the Nutshell at (deutsch/german).

The euf_nutshell_kit (emphasis on the kit) is a convenience wrapper for web developers to start with a new Contao project. It is packed with scss files to start with, an .htaccess suitable for the most projects and maybe more to come.

In addition to the docs mentioned above, you find a "cheatsheet" below. Be reminded that starting with the point you created the project (composer create-project) further updates within this repository will not affect your installation.


Create composer project

composer create-project erdmannfreunde/euf_nutshell_kit [path]

Make sure to replace [path] with the name of the folder you want to install your Contao installation in.

Alternatively, download and extract the zip file, run composer install.

Change to the Contao installation

cd path

Install node modules

npm install

Initialize git repository

git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial files"