v1.0.0 2012-10-28 23:26 UTC


A few simple plugins for the Philip IRC bot.


Adds basic administrative functionality to the bot in the form of !quit, !join, and !leave commands.

  1. !quit <quit message>: Tells the bot to quit the IRC server.

     Example usage:
         !quit ...aaand boom goes the dynamite.
  2. !join <channels>: Tells the bot to join the given channel(s).

     Example usage:
         !join #example-room
         !join #example-room1 #example-room2
  3. !leave <channels>: Tells the bot to leave the given channel(s).

     Example usage:
         !leave #example-room
         !leave #example-room1 #example-room2
  4. !say <channel> <msg>: Tells the bot to send a message to the given channel.

     Example usage:
         !say #example-room Look I can talk.

These commands only work via private message and only if the issuer is in the ops array in the bot's configuration.

The !say command was contributed by Micah Breedlove


Adds a "swear jar" that listens to the conversation and keeps track of how many times someone has used a "bad word" and how much money they owe as a result.


Adds the ability to request a random image from Google Images based on a keyword. There's also a version of the command specifically for GIFs.

  1. !img <keyword>: Gets a random image that matches the keyword.

     Example usage:
         !img wizard
  2. !image <keyword>: Same as above

     Example usage:
         !image wizard
  3. !gif <keyword>: Looks specifically for a GIF.

     Example usage:
         !gif wizard

These use the Google Images API and have SafeSearch turned on by default, so it should return only SFW images, but your mileage may vary.


The bot will sit in a channel and send back canned responses when spoken to.

This plugin was contributed by Sean Crystal


_This plugin requires a DarkSky API key be added to your bot's configuration Add it like this:

    $config = array(
        // ...
        'DarkSkyPlugin' => array(
            'api_key' => '<your API key here>'

Adds the ability to get up-to-the-minute weather information and forecasts from the DarkSky API. This plugin contains only a single bot command, but has multiple subcommands:

  1. !ds [current|now] <location>: Gets weather info for the given location.

     Example usage:
         !ds now 37205
         !ds now Nashville, TN
         !ds current 600 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37219
  2. !ds [forecast|at] <location> @ <time>: Get the forecast for the location at a specific time.

     Example usage:
         !ds forecast 37214 @ +10 minutes
         !ds at 37214 @ -5 minutes

Note: <time> must be between -8 hours and +1 hour from the current moment.


Adds an "answering machine" to a bot, allowing users to leave messages for people who aren't currently in the room. The messages will be delivered when the recipient re-joins the room.

  1. !msg <recipient> <message>: Saves a message for the intended recipient.

     Example usage:
         !msg irc-buddy Call me when you get this.

By default, messages are relayed in public; however, messages delivered privately to the bot, will be relayed privately to the recipient when the user re-joins.


Adds ability to get bitcoin stats from the mtgox api. Contains 1 command:

  1. !btc shows buy, sell, high, and low in USD.