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Package Migration generator for Laravel

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#Epigra Package Migration Generator Let's you add migration generation support to any of your Laravel supported packages.


Let's assume you are developing a package named newpackage and you have pre defined templates under your resources/generators directory while your migration command is in console directory.

namespace YourNamespace\Newpackage\Console;

use Epigra\PMGen\MigrationGenerator;

class MigrationCommand extends MigrationGenerator

    protected $signature = 'newpackage:migrate';
    protected $description = 'Creates a migrations for questionable items.';

now you can register this command from your Package Service Provider by

public function boot(){
public function register(){		
	$this->app->singleton('command.yourpackagename.migrate', function ($app) {
		return new \YourNamespace\Newpackage\Console\MigrationCommand();
public function provides(){
	return array('command.yourpackagename.migrate');

in order to make any target directory change from the parent class you can redefine the functions

public function getModuleDirectory()
    return dirname((new \ReflectionClass(static::class))->getFileName()).'/../';

public function getGeneratorsDirectory()
    return $this->moduleDirectory.'/Resources/generators';

###Basic logical flow of MigrationGenerator

  • Get Modules Directory Called class directory + .. / or generally yourvendor/yourpackage/src (assuming you called from src\Console\YourClass)
  • Decide Generators Directory ``Modules Directory + '/Resources/generators'`
  • Get all files in Generators Directory and
    • Compile related blade files
    • Save the files with current timestamps into database/migrations directory if they're not already created. (may need composer dump-autoload)
  • If you need to order your migrations (for some reason like foreign key references etc) you can add a number and an underscore to make them orderable by name in your generators directory (like 0_create_xxx_table.php, 1_create_yyy_table.php) So that migrations can also be generated in order.