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Last update: 2022-07-24 20:17:15 UTC


PHP server implementation for ComView-API standard.


Install this library via composer:

composer require eos/com-view-server


Create a new instance of Eos\ComView\Server\ComViewServer. This will be the entry point for the application.

You can define single handlers for Eos\ComView\Server\View\ViewInterface and Eos\ComView\Server\Command\CommandProcessorInterface or use the registries Eos\ComView\Server\View\ViewRegistry and Eos\ComView\Server\Command\CommandProcessorRegistry for usage with multiple views and commands.

$view = new Eos\ComView\Server\View\ViewRegistry();
$view->add('test', new Your\View());

$commandProcessor = new Eos\ComView\Server\Command\CommandProcessorRegistry();
$commandProcessor->add('test', new Your\Command());

$healthProvider = new Eos\ComView\Server\Health\HealthProviderChain();

$server = new Eos\ComView\Server\ComViewServer($commandProcessor, $view, $healthProvider, $healthProvider);

The ComViewServer class offers three methods, view and execute and health.

view(string $viewName, array $queryParameters)

The view method expects a string with the name of the view and an array containing the query parameters from the uri.

$response = $server->view('viewName', $headers, $queryParameters);

execute(array $requestBody)

The execute method expects an array of commands (the ComView request body) with their IDs as keys.

$response = $server->execute($headers, $requestBody);


The health method creates an api health response determined by the health providers.

$response = $server->health();