A modern lightweight framework to integrate with legacy code and applications

v0.4.3 2020-10-26 12:59 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-22 14:12:34 UTC



Upgrade Your Legacy PHP Code

Osseus is a light and tiny PHP framework/library that integrates with any application. It provides both a RESTful API and a more "traditional" service to support incremental code improvements.

Osseus can be used as a full-featured application framework, or simply as a utility library to help your application scale. Its goal is to be flexible and impartial to code and database structures.


  • light and fast router with a smart URI parser
  • built-in security tools to validate and sanitize data
  • interfaces with FluentPDO to provide quick and seamless database interactions
  • an internationalization template system to implement new languages quickly and easily
  • classic MVC system with some small additions


Contributors are very welcome to help test and improve Osseus


To get started, all you need is a little setup:

// add necessary classes
use Envms\Osseus\Dev\Debug;
use Envms\Osseus\Parse\Uri;
use Envms\Osseus\Router\Route;
use Envms\Osseus\Server\Environment;

// set your environment
$environment = Environment::instance(Environment::DEVELOPMENT); // the current environment
$debug = Debug::instance(Environment::TESTING); // the maximum environment to show debug statements

// optional but recommended - parse the URI and route to the index controller
$uri = new Uri($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
$router = new Route('TestApp');

The router will direct the $uri to your application's controller and action, and you're on your way!

The current version is beta-2 (v0.4.3)