Wrapper for Glide (on-demand image manipulation) for the enstart framework

0.1.0 2017-07-01 13:19 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-10-13 07:44:28 UTC


Wrapper for Glide (on-demand image manipulation) for the enstart framework


  • enstart/core version 0.2+
  • PHP 7.0+ with either the gd- or imagick library


composer require enstart/glide


// Settings
'glide' => [
    'source'    => /path/to/upload/folder,
    'cache'     => /path/to/cache/folder',

// Register the service provider
'providers' => [

Optional settings

There are a few optional settings as well:

'glide' => [
    // If you want to make sure that all resize-requests are from your app, you can
    // add a sign key. This prevents mass image-resize attacks
    'sign_key'  => 'a-128-bit-random-key',

    // The default driver is 'gd', but if you rather use imagick, simply change it
    'driver'    => 'imagick',

    // To set some presets (predefined manipulators) which you then access through `?p=thumb`
    'presets' => [
        'thumb' => [
            'w'   => 200,
            'h'   => 200,
            'fit' => 'crop',

To read more about settings for glide, visit Glides documentation. This package just passes the glide-config to Glide, so anything in the Glide doc will work here as well.

Access the extension

// Get a copy of the instance
$glide = $app->container->make('Enstart\Ext\Glide\Glide');

// or through the alias:

// or through dependency injection (if you type hint it in your constructor)
use Enstart\Ext\ImageResize\Glide;

Get a link to a resized image

In your code:

$url = $app->glide->getResizedImage('/path/to/image.jpg', [
    'w'   => 200,
    'h'   => 200,
    'fit' => crop

// or through a preset
$url = $app->glide->getResizedImage('/path/to/image.jpg', ['p' => 'thumb']);

// alternative preset request
$url = $app->glide->getResizedImage('/path/to/image.jpg', 'thumb');

View helpers

When you're in a view, you can use the view helper:

<img src="<?= $this->glide('/path/to/image.jpg', 'thumb') ?>" />

The paths is relative from the source folder in your config. The view helper takes all the same parameters as the method $app->glide->getResizedImage() described above;


There is a route (namned glide) which also has the slug glide. Any request to yoursite.com/glide/{anything} will be handled by the extension.

If you wish to change the route slug, simply create a new route in your routes.php with the same name.

$app->get('/something-else/(:all)', function ($file) use ($app) {
    return $app->glide->getResizedImage($file, $app->request->get()->all());
}, ['name' => 'glide']);

Delete files

Only delete cached files:


Delete cache and the original: