This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A general URI helper class for PHP

1.0.2 2015-04-21 08:40 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-10-29 07:27:56 UTC


This is an old repository that is no longer used or maintained. We advice to no longer use this repository.

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A simple URI helper class with implementations of the following RFC's / STD's:


$uri = new \Enrise\Uri('http://usr:pss@example.com:81/mypath/myfile.html?a=b&b[]=2&b[]=3#myfragment');
echo $uri->getScheme(); // http
echo $uri->getUser(); // usr
echo $uri->getPass(); // pss
echo $uri->getHost(); // example.com
echo $uri->getPort(); // 81
echo $uri->getPath(); // /mypath/myfile.html
echo $uri->getQuery(); // a=b&b[]=2&b[]=3
echo $uri->getFragment(); // myfragment
echo $uri->isSchemeless(); // false
echo $uri->isRelative(); // false


echo $uri->getUri(); // scheme:child:scheme.VALIDscheme123:usr:pss@example.com/mypath/myfile.html?a=b&b[]=2&b[]=3#myfragment
use \Enrise\Uri;

$uri = new Uri('/relative/url.html');
echo $uri->getScheme(); // null
echo $uri->getHost(); // null
echo $uri->getPath(); // /relative/url.html
echo $uri->isSchemeless(); // true
echo $uri->isRelative(); // true