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A data mapping library.

dev-master 2017-05-19 12:22 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-17 03:30:38 UTC


This is a PHP mapping helper utility. It's useful when you want to convert a certain array-structure into another structure. The definitions could be declared in a yaml-structure, so it's easy to verify the input and of the mapping.


The definition is easiest done by using yaml. This project is using JMESpath, so you can define the mapping like this:

# route.yml
  from: uuid
  from: plan.distance
  service_class: \Enrise\DistanceMapper
# map using route.yml
$mapper = new \Enrise\Maparea\Mapper();

$raw = [
    'uuid' => 'F2001E99-98E6-4C50-A965-C694EC44B810',
    'plan' => [
        'distance' => 1223

$mapper = Mapper::withLoader(new YamlLoader(__DIR__."/resources/yaml"));
$mappedData = $mapper->mapDataWithLoader($raw, "route.yaml");

// $mappedData
    'id' => 'F2001E99-98E6-4C50-A965-C694EC44B810',
    'distance' => 1.223