The Coresky PHP Framework.

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Using the framework, you can create web applications of any type. It contains a lot of new original ideas: "sky gate", "ghost query", "wares system" and more. By the way: the Jet view parser has a release-candidate status and is architecturally more powered than Blade or Twig.

This project is my favorite "oil painting"! Not finished yet, but you can use it.

Regards, Energy


See the wiki section (russian only).

Application examples

  1. AB.SKY application
  2. MED.CRM.SKY application
  3. HOLE.SKY - empty application (preferably use composer)

AB (absolute busy) application is product of InfoParc moved into SKY. AB.SKY use 4 layouts: for desktop, mobile, printing and for SVG images. After installation and using MySQL database try switch to SQLite (edit main/config.yaml)

How to install

Create an empty dir in the Apache root: mkdir ab, then mkdir ab/web. Extract files from Put to the last folder this two files: and moon.php. Open in browser similar like http://my-apache.local/ab/web/moon.php, then follow the instructions.

..or use console and PHP's embedded web-server:

MariaDB> create database ab;
# from any dir:
mkdir -p ab/public
cd ab/public
php moon.php root:@localhost/ab:ab_
# dsn syntax: user:password@databasehost:3306/databasename:tblprefix_

Just PHP required

Will work embedded into PHP's SQLite3 database and PHP's web-server:

With composer (preferably):

composer create-project coresky/hole
# or try latest dev: composer create-project coresky/hole hole "dev-master"
cd hole
# then run PHP's embedded web-server:
php vendor/bin/sky s

Or with moon (rare updates):

curl >
mkdir -p hole/public
unzip -d hole/public
cd hole/public
php moon.php

Or download all with git (dev-master):

# the app
git clone
# the framework
git clone
# the wares
mkdir empty-app/wares
cd empty-app/wares
git clone
git clone
git clone
# then run PHP's embedded web-server:
php ../../air/sky s

Installer moon.php uses files with the .sky extension. These files contain all the application files and database contents. It also contains information about the required modules and versions of PHP, MySQL. You can prepare such files in the developer tools. This operation is called application compilation.

First of all moon.php, it may be a convenient way to install SKY applications for non-professionals. Secondly, if you use a hosting in which there is no SSH access and there are other restrictions, then moon.php - a convenient way to update the site on production for professionals also. In moon.php there are several types of installation. Among them: pre-installation of the application in the anew folder, followed by moving to production. In this case, the code of the old version is moved to the aold folder and it is possible to make a rollback.

Инсталлятор moon.php использует файлы с расширением .sky. Эти файлы, содержат все файлы приложения и содержимое баз данных. Также в нем содержится информация о требуемых модулях и версиях PHP, MySQL. Подготовить такие файлы можно в инструментах разработчика. Такая операция называется компиляция приложения.

Во-первых moon.php, может оказаться удобным способом установки SKY-приложений для непрофессионалов. Во-вторых, если вы используете хостинг, в котором отсутствует SSH доступ и имеются прочие ограничения, то moon.php - удобный способ обновить сайт на production и для профессионалов. В moon.php имеется несколько типов установки. Среди них: предварительная установка приложения в папку anew с последующим перемещением на production. При этом код старой версии перемещается в папку aold и имеется возможность сделать rollback.