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This project provides tools for quickly setting up a robust web application. It provides out of the box features and code samples to perform common tasks such as authentication, search functionality, PDF generation and site administration.

The application is built on symfony/symfony-standard and extended with mostly popular and well-maintained community bundles. You can pick and choose which functionalities you like to use or use the application as a reference as it provides many code examples.

All high-level features are made available via separate bundles in the src/ directory instead of the AppBundle. Reason for this approach is that the user should be able to compose an application with only the features he needs. This can now be achieved by removing a bundle (and its configuration). Of course generic bundles are moved to a separate repository.

Live demo

Browse the live demo to get a quick impression of the available features.


Use Composer to install the application.

composer create-project endroid/symfony-application

As soon as the application is created you can remove any unnecessary features. Of course you can also start from symfony/symfony-standard and only copy the necessary code or keep this demo as a reference.


Documentation can be found in Resources/doc/index.md

Read the documentation for master


Version numbers follow the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH scheme. Backwards compatible changes will be kept to a minimum but be aware that these can occur. Lock your dependencies for production and test your code when upgrading.


This bundle is under the MIT license. For the full copyright and license information please view the LICENSE file that was distributed with this source code.