Storybook development + Webpack Build + Drupal 8 theme

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Emulsify is an open-source tool for creating design systems with reusable components and clear guidelines for teams. Emulsify helps organizations scale their design while reducing cost, streamlining workflows, and improving accessibility.

Emulsify Drupal

Storybook development, Webpack build, and Drupal 8 theme

Emulsify Drupal provides a Storybook component library, a Webpack development environment, and a Drupal 8 starterkit theme. It can be used as a standalone prototyping tool or inside a Drupal installation. It supports both Twig and React components!



Quick Links

  1. Installation
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  1. Storybook


Code of Conduct

The project maintainers have adopted a Code of Conduct that we expect project participants to adhere to. Please read the full text so that you can understand what actions will and will not be tolerated.

Contribution Guide

Please also follow the issue template and pull request templates provided. See below for the correct places to post issues:

  1. Emulsify Drupal
  2. Emulsify Twig Extensions
  3. Emulsify Twig Drupal Module

Committing Changes

To facilitate automatic semantic release versioning, we utilize the Conventional Changelog standard through Commitizen. Follow these steps when commiting your work to ensure semantic release can version correctly.

  1. Stage your changes, ensuring they encompass exactly what you wish to change, no more.
  2. Run the commit script via yarn commit or npm run commit and follow the prompts to craft the perfect commit message.
  3. Rejoice! For now your commit message will be used to create the changelog for the next version that includes that commit.


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