Laravel 4.2 Route Generator

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Laravel 4.2 Artisan Route and Route Controller Generator


  1. Go to your laravel project directory, run:
composer require "emsifa/route-generator:dev-master" --dev
  1. In your app/config/app.php, add Emsifa\RouteGenerator\RouteGeneratorServiceProvider into array providers


Generate simple route

php artisan generate:route get user/login UserController@pageLogin

Command above will generate a route in your routes file like this:

Route::get('user/login', 'UserController@pageLogin');

And also, this command will automatically generate controller UserController and append method pageLogin into controller if not exists.

Generate complex route

php artisan generate:route post user/edit/{id_user}/{output?=json} User\\UserController@edit --name="post_edit_user" --before="auth|csrf" --where="id_user:[0-9]+"

Generated route:

Route::post('/user/edit/{id_user}/{output?}', [
	'as' => 'post_edit_user',
	'before' => 'auth|csrf',
	'uses' => 'User\UserController@edit'
	->where('id_user', '[0-9]+');

Generated controller and method:


namespace User;

use BaseController;

//# Used facades
use URL;
use View;
use Input;
use Config;
use Session;
use Response;
use Redirect;

//# Used models
use User;

class UserController extends BaseController {

	 * @name	post_edit_user
	 * @route	POST /user/edit/{id_user}/{output?}
	 * @before	auth|csrf
	 * -------------------------------
	 * @param	string $id_user [0-9]+
	 * @param	string $output
	public function edit($id_user, $output = 'json')
		throw new \Exception('Edit me at "app/controllers/User/UserController.php" dude!');


Generate route actions from registered routes

Second command from this package is generate:route-actions. This command will generate Controllers and Methods like example above from registered routes.