UI module for FuelPHP nested sets

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0.1.0 2015-09-11 14:44 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-04 22:51:25 UTC


Latest Version

Module to provide basic user interfaces for FuelPHP's nested sets model.

Install instructions

Just run composer require emlynwest/setui.


Add the following to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "stevewest/setui": "dev-master"

Then just run a composer update!

After that all you will need to do is enable the module in your FuelPHP application's config file.

Custom module location

If your application uses a non-standard module location then you can add the below to your composer.json to ensure the module is installed in the correct place. (Make sure you keep the {$name}.)

    "extra": {
        "installer-paths": {
            "my/custom/path/{$name}": ["stevewest/setui"]


Menu rendering

Using the SetUI\Menu class you can render a nested set model into a list. The constructor takes an optional config array that can be used to control the behaviour of how the set is rendered. Below is the default config for each item and an explanation of what they can be used for.

$config = [
    // This is each leaf of the tree, by default it has a link and a list of children
    'leafView' => 'setui::setui/leaf',
    // This is the list of children for each leaf
    'listView' => 'setui::setui/list',
    // This is the top level container, it can be used for adding style around the list
    'containerView' => 'setui::setui/container',
    // If not set to null will be treated as an instance of Theme for loading views
    'themeInstance' => null,
    // Property name of the model to load the leaf name from
    'nameProperty' => 'name',
    // Set to true to display the root node of the tree
    'includeRoot' => false,
    // What to prepend to the URL before it is passed to Uri::create()
    'uriPrefix' => '',
    // URI string that denotes the currently active node path (eg "parent/child/grandchild")
    'activePath' => '',

To render a set just create a new instance of SetUI\Menu and call the build() method.

$menu = new \SetUI\Menu($config);

$set = Model_Tree::forge()->set_tree_id(1)->root()->get_one();

// $tree contains the top level View object
$tree = $menu->build($set);

Note on path generation

Path names are generated using nested sets' path() method, to ensure you are getting the correct paths then make sure your nested set's tree config has the title_field setting set to the correct column name. While SetUI does not care what this is it is often best to use a URL friendly property, such as one generated with the slug observer.


The module also includes some basic javascript to allow a slightly nicer user interaction. To enable this you will want to symlink the files in assets to the appropriate asset folders. While you can copy the files, doing so means you will manually have to update the assets when the module is updated.

Once the JS is included in the page it will automatically collapse non-active branches and allow branches to be opened and closed.

jQuery 1.7 or higher is required.


Currently the module is not unit tested due to the complications of testing FuelPHP v1 modules outside of an application.


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