An LDAP/Active Directory/NTLM authentication driver for Laravel 4.

dev-master 2017-07-27 06:38 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-02-04 18:44:01 UTC


An LDAP/Active Directory/NTLM authentication driver for Laravel 4.

This package will enable you to have basic authentication with a config-based ACL for admin and viewers of any auth based portion of a Laravel 4 based site. In addition, the package is capable of tying into Apache based NTLM authentication. You will need to install and configure both php5-ldap and libapache2-mod-auth-ntlm-winbind for Apache2 (Visit http://goo.gl/SzkuVo for a tutorial). If it is not installed, the package should still operate.


To install this in your application add the following to your composer.json file

require {
	"wells/l4-ldap-ntlm": "dev-master"

Then run composer install or composer update as appropriate

Once you have finished downloading the package from Packagist.org you need to tell your Application to use the LDAP service provider.

Open app/config/app.php and add:


This tells Laravel 4 to use the service provider from the vendor folder.

You also need to direct Auth to use the ldap driver instead of Eloquent or Database.

Edit app/config/auth.php and change driver to ldap


Add the following config into your app/config/auth.php file

 * LDAP Configuration for wells/l4-ldap-ntlm
'ldap' => array(
	// Domain controller (host), Domain to search (domain), 
	// OU containing users (basedn), OU containing groups (groupdn)
	'host' => 'ldap://dc', // You can also use ldaps://
	'domain' => 'domain.com',
	'timeout' => 3, // Timeout in seconds (It is optional, if you don´t select it is used the default value)
	'basedn' => 'OU=Users,DC=domain,DC=com',
	'groupdn' => 'OU=Groups,DC=domain,DC=com',

	// Domain credentials the app should use to access DC
	// This user doesn't need any privileges
	'dn_user' => '*',
	'dn_pass' => '*',

	//At minimum, you'll need these attributes
	'attributes' => array(

	// Optionally require groups to gain auth view access
	'groups' => array('AuthViewers'),

	// Optionally require group admins
	'admin_groups' => array('IT'),

	// Optionally require owners/admins (username)
	'owners' => array('ceo'),


In addition to the default Auth functionality, You can enable NTLM authentication with the auto() method from provided Guard class. Edit app/config/filters.php and change to:

Route::filter('auth', function()
	// !Auth::user() checks to see if the user has access permission
	if (!Auth::auto() || Auth::guest()) return Redirect::guest('login');