Magento2 module to transfer your CMS data from a platform to another platform.

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emakina.fr open source licence MI magento version 2.3.x

COBAI Magento module

🐹 What is COBAI Magento module?

COBAI Magento module helps you to transfer your CMS blocks, pages, images, and hierarchies from a platform to another platform.

When you run the export command line, COBAI Magento module creates a package with all your CMS data in your var/export directory. After that, you just need to transfer your archive to the other platform in the var/import directory. Then, run the import command line.

⚠️ Don't forget to clean your var/export and var/import directories. Indeed, the import does not delete the imported files so that you can reuse them if you need it.


Because COBAI is the abbreviation of COntent Backup And Import - we wanted to have a funny and cute logo -.


COBAI Magento module is compatible with Magento 2.3.x CE and EE versions. If you work with Magento EE version, it keeps your layouts configurations with the PageBuilder.

🛠 Getting Started


You can install the module with Composer.

$ composer require emakinafr/magento2-cobai
$ php bin/magento setup:upgrade


To export an archive with pages, blocks, images and hierarchies, you need to run:

$ bin/magento cobai:cms:export

To import an archive, you need to run:

$ bin/magento cobai:cms:import <path/of/your/filename.ext>

To clean your working directory, you need to run:

$ rm -rf var/export var/import

🚀 Advanced Features

Export Options

$ bin/magento cobai:cms:export --type [typeOption]
Type Option Description
archive export archive to zip file
block export blocks to csv file
image export images to zip file
hierarchy export hierarchies to csv file
page export pages to csv file

If you want to customize the name of your file you can use --file=[name]. You need to specify the path of this file, for example: var/export/archive.zip.

Import Options

$ bin/magento cobai:cms:import --type [typeOption] <path/of/your/filename.ext>
Type Option Description
archive import archive to zip file
block import blocks to csv file
image import images to zip file
hierarchy import hierarchies to csv file
page import pages to csv file


  • By default, the option only adds changes except for the hierarchy and image option which systematically replaces all data.
  • For blocks/pages, you can use --force, to update old blocks/pages.