Composer distribution of Selenium Server Standalone, the browser automation framework.

v2.52.1 2016-03-10 08:21 UTC


This repository allows you to have the latest stable version of Selenium server integrated into your projects. Selenium server standalone is a browser automation framework. We will maintain the repository updated with the latest stable version of Selenium.


  1. Add the following line to your composer.json configuration file: "emagister/selenium-server": "2.*". It should look like this:
        "config": {
            "bin-dir": "bin/"
        "minimum-stability": "stable",
        "require": {
            "emagister/selenium-server": "2.*"
  1. Execute the following command in the home directory of your project: php composer.phar install

  2. And you're ready to go! Now you can launch the selenium server from the corresponding directory (in this case "bin"): java -jar bin/selenium-server.jar