An article handling bundle for symfony. Part of the Kazetenn project

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Kazetenn Pages is a symfony bundle that allow you to handle basic pages programatically.


You can use

composer require elvandar/kazetennarticles

to install the bundle.

you will also need to configure stof/doctrineextensionsbundle:

in config/packages/stof_doctrine_extensions.yaml

            timestampable: true


The bundle provides a simple data model to handle the programatical creation of pages and some routes and views to display those pages.


in config/packages/kazetenn-pages.yaml:

    blog_url: ""

by default there is no prefix in front the diplay route, however, using this config you can add one.

the data model

the budle articulates around 2 entities:


which represent a page to display

in a page, you can define:

  • a title
  • a slug
  • a parent
  • a list of content

this will be used to handle the page display and url

if the page have no parent, her url will be:


if the page have a parent, her url will be:



which handle the content of a page.

in a pageContent, you will can define:

  • a content
  • a template
  • a parent
  • an order
  • a align (vertical or horizontal)
  • a list of content

The content is a text/html. It will always be rendered using the raw twig function.

The template allows you to define a twig template to personalize the rendering of the content without storing html in the database.

A pageContent can reference multiple other pageContent (childs). Using the align property, you can define the way a content's childs will be rendered. Using this, you can easilly create a grid of content, allowing you to easily order you content. To ease this, a pageContent's content property can be null, allowing you to create an ordering pageContent.

Finally, the order property allow you to choose the rendering order of a pageContent between him and same level contents.


The pages bundle is under MIT liscence