Install Matomo analytics tracking on your SilverStripe website

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SilverStripe Matomo integration

Adds Matomo analytics tracking to your SilverStripe website

  • Apply via extension to any frontend ContentController object
  • enable or disable using SiteConfig settings
  • allow users to opt-out of Javascript tracking
  • exclude specific pages from tracking using the CMS

Working with a content security policy

Is your site working with a strict content security policy? Great! You'll need to whitelist your Matomo endpoint to avoid violating your CSP.

... img-src 'self' https://your.matomowebsite.nz blob: data:; ... script-src 'self' https://your.matomowebsite.nz 'sha384-BaSE64ENC0D3D';...

The img-src rule is to allow a tracking pixel to be embedded on the website. script-src is used by Matomo to execute the script on the website. You may need to add a nonce value for the inline script for it to run correctly.


Contributions are more than welcome! Please raise some issues or create pull requests on the Github repo.


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