Allows generating Sub-Admin be_user by groups which can handle access of other be_user by groups

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5.0.3 2023-09-28 07:59 UTC

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Thanks to in2code for the good collaboration in the last years. We are currently using this extension with TYPO3 v12, if you need it for v11, please contact us.

TYPO3 Extension groupdelegation

Allow editors with extended rights to set group rights for other editors. This is highly recommended for installations with a lot of backend users like on universities.


The TYPO3 extension goupdelegation provides the possibility to allow certain be-users to delegate certain be-groups to other be-users without having a TYPO3 admin account. This can be done using organisation units or not. That means e.g. you can determine that sub admin xx can only delegate groups to be-users of the organisation unit marketing.

For a detailed manual have a look at the Documentation folder.


This TYPO3 Extension is free to use. We as TUM TYPO3 Team and elementare teilchen and our Developers highly appreciate your feedback and always try to improve our Extensions.







  • Install this extension - e.g. via composer composer require in2code/groupdelegation
  • Make your global configuration in the extension manager settings
  • Configure the groups as you need (look at the documentation under https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/extensions/groupdelegation/ for details)
  • Have fun!

Development Model

The main branch is the branch, which is / should be compatible with the latest TYPO3 major version. All development should happen here.

For each old TYPO3 version there is a version compatible branch, f.e. 8LTS. If enhancements and bugfixes should be available in older versions they must be cherry picked from the main branch.

Version numbers

EXT:groupdelegation follows the semantic versioning.

10 LTS: v4.y.x
12 LTS: v5.y.x