Element is a super ''easy-to-work-with'' php framework, that are built on top Slim3. It's very similar to Laravel

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Element is designed to be very simple and straightforward to use.

:elephant: Requirements

Element requires PHP 7.1+.

IMPORTANT: If you want to use YAML files or strings, require the Symfony Yaml component in your composer.json.

:zap: Installation

The supported way of creating an Element project is via Composer.

$ composer create-project element/app <NAME>

Whats the foss all about?

Element is designed to be very simple and straightforward to use. It's kind of similar to Laravel, but with a structure and context that suitet my needs and taste in a better way!... While the public views are more or less up to the developer it self, I decided to use monster admin for the most part in the backend dashboard, along with a few selected elements from architecht ui. But the base admin dashboard is monster admin, and I suggest you go ahead and grab your own fully license, which will give the full pro sourcecode, that contains all the demo components and ui-elements. It's SO much better than the free version!

:speech_balloon: Usage

Open up the terminal and type the command below, to see a list of all the commands Element cli has to offer...

$ php element

For example, this command will launch the app on the built-in webserver

$ php element app:serve

But please try it out for yourself! :rocket: It has loads of cool features :sunglasses:


$ phpunit

:link: Contributing

Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.

:cop: Security

If you discover any security related issues, please email stefan@korfitz.com directly, instead of using the issue tracker.

:heavy_check_mark: Source

Element was inspired and put together from these courses over at codecourse.com

  1. Build a shopping cart (episode 2)
  2. Authentication with Slim 3
  3. Easy social authentication
  4. Configuration with Slim 3
  5. JWT Authentication from Scratch
  6. Custom 404 views with Slim 3
  7. Eloquent translations with Slim 3
  8. Slim 3 Pagination
  9. Mailable Classes in Slim 3
  10. Build an image upload microservice
  11. The Symfony Console Component
  12. Build a command-line uptime monitor
  13. Database migrations with Slim
  14. Get friendly with Webpack
  15. Building a Vue project with Webpack
  16. Learn Vuex
  17. Unit testing with PHPUnit

:mega: Credits

:copyright: License

The MIT License (MIT). Please see the license file for more information.