Google Sitemap generator app for the Elefant CMS

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1.0 2012-10-16 20:03 UTC

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Last update: 2022-07-25 02:14:47 UTC


This is a Google Sitemaps generator for Elefant CMS powered websites.

To use, install it into your apps folder as sitemap.xml, then point Google Webmaster Tools to the URL /sitemap.xml on your site. On the first request it will generate a sitemap file for your site.

Additional info:

  • The generated site map will be cached for 24 hours by default. To change this, edit apps/sitemap.xml/conf/config.php.
  • To reset the cache early, log into Elefant and go to Tools > Google Sitemaps and click the reset link.
  • The site map will include all public pages, published blog posts, and events (if the events app is installed).


If your sitemap link (e.g., /sitemap.xml) generates a blank response, make sure you have PHP's short_open_tag setting disabled and restart your web server. This causes <?xml tags to create PHP parse errors. Note that this is different than the <?= shortened tags that are always enabled in PHP 5.4+.

Adding URLs from your custom apps

Just create a static method call on your models that returns an array of URLs you want to include in the site map, and add a line in your app's conf/config.php in the [Admin] section like this:

sitemap = "myapp\MyModel::sitemap"

Here's a sample model for the above:


namespace myapp;

class MyModel extends \Model {
	public $table = 'myapp_mymodel';

	public static function sitemap () {
		$res = self::query ()
			->where ('published', 'yes')
			->fetch_orig ();
		$urls = array ();
		foreach ($res as $item) {
			$urls[] = '/myapp/item/' . $item->id . '/' . \URLify::filter ($item->title);
		return $urls;