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1.1.2 2014-04-23 22:58 UTC

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Last update: 2022-07-25 02:09:05 UTC


This is a site search app written for the Elefant CMS powered by ElasticSearch or IndexTank.

To install:

1. Unzip it into your apps folder

2. Duplicate the file apps/search/conf/config.php to conf/app.search.config.php then edit that file and add your ElasticSearch servers or IndexTank credentials.

3. Add the following hooks to your global conf/config.php:

admin/add[] = search/add
admin/edit[] = search/add
admin/delete[] = search/delete
blog/add[] = search/add
blog/edit[] = search/add
blog/delete[] = search/delete

Other apps may also have additional hooks that enable them to be added to the search, such as:

events/add[] = search/add
events/edit[] = search/add
events/delete[] = search/delete

wiki/edit[] = search/add

4. Either add a search box to your template with this tag:

{! search/index !}

Or add it to a page on your site by clicking the Dynamic Objects button in the wysiwyg editor and choosing "Search: Search Box".

IndexTank hosts

Here are some companies that provide hosted IndexTank services to make it easier to get started: