Menu builder app for the Elefant CMS

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A menu builder for the Elefant CMS based on using YAML formatting to define as many custom menus as you want.

Menu Builder then provides a set of dynamic menu objects for embedding your menus into your website through the WYSIWYG editor's Dynamic Objects dialog.

Menu Builder works as an alternative to Elefant's built-in single-tree navigation app. Editing menus as YAML files may not be for everyone, but the added flexibility will hopefully be useful to some.


Here is an example menu:

# This file defines a menu structure in your website.
# For formatting info, visit:
# https://github.com/jbroadway/menubuilder

  - label: Home
    page: index
    class: menu-home
  - label: Blog
    link: /blog
    class: menu-blog
  - label: Services
    page: services
      - label: Web Design
        page: web-design
      - label: Social Media
        page: social-media
      - label: Branding
        page: branding
  - label: Contact Us
    page: contact-us

Each menu starts with a top-level menu: section.

Each section contains one or more items with the following properties:

  • label - The text to display in the link.
  • page - The ID of the page in the site.
  • link - An external link instead of specifying an internal page.
  • class - A CSS class to assign to the item in HTML tags.
  • menu - A list of sub-items.

The label and either page or link are required. The rest is optional.

Menu files are saved in the conf/menubuilder folder as .yml files.


You can integrate menus into your site in one of two ways:

  1. In the WYSIWYG editor's Dynamic Objects dialog, you'll see a number of new objects like Menu: Breadcrumb and Menu: Contextual. These will embed different kinds of menus into your page.

  2. In your layout templates, you can include a menu directly with the following tags:

    {! menubuilder/menu/breadcrumb?menu=Main !}

    {! menubuilder/menu/contextual?menu=Main !}

    {! menubuilder/menu/dropmenu?menu=Main !}

    {! menubuilder/menu/single?menu=Main !}

    {! menubuilder/menu/sitemap?menu=Main !}