A command line tool to create new Electro framework projects

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A command line tool to create new Electro framework projects


Runtime requirements

  • Bash >= v3
  • Composer

Installing Composer

You need Composer both to install this tool and to be able to create Electro framework projects. So, before proceeding, you will need to make sure you have Composer installed on your machine.

Installing the tool

Open a terminal window and run the following command:

composer global require electro/installer

This will install the tool globally, so you may access it from the terminal on any directory.

Make sure you have the path to the global Composer-installed binaries configured on your $PATH environment variable, otherwise you'll not be able to run the electro command after installation.

You may set the $PATH on several places, such as the ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile files. You should have a line similar to this one:

Speeding up Composer

The installation process will also install Prestissimo globally, which is a Composer plugin that speeds up Composer installations and updates.

This will reduce the time it takes to create a new electro project using this tool.

The plugin is also useful beyond the use case of this tool; it will improve Composer's performance globally, so you'll see its benefiits with any other project on your machine.


On the parent folder, where the new project folder will be created, issue the electro create project-name command on your terminal.

For example, this will install a working Electro prototype project into the your-project-name folder:

electro create your-project-name

There are some additional command-line options that you may specify. You can find out more about them by typing:


It will display inline documentation for the tool.


At some point in the future, you may need to update this tool to a newer version, to take advantage of bug fixes or new features, or to remain compatible with a newer version of Electro.

You can use the tool itself to check for updates and, if any is available, automatically update itself.

Just type:

electro self-update


The Electro framework is open-source software licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.

Electro framework - Copyright © Cláudio Silva and Impactwave, Lda.