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1.0 2014-07-04 10:19 UTC

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#BootstrapNav plugin for Croogo 1.4+

Croogo menus in Bootstrap3 style. Inspired by original Croogo menu helper.


  • download and copy this plugin to app/Plugin/BootstrapNav
  • activate plugin in administration Extesions -> Plugins

Example usage

Default: Set element option in menu call

   echo $this->Menus->menu('main', array('element' => 'BoostrapNav.menu'));

Customize: You can call BootstrapNav helper from your 'menu' elements like this

   $customs = array(
          'mainClass' => 'nav nav-pills',
          'mainRole' => 'menulist',
          'subClass' => 'dropdown-menu',
          'subRole' => 'menu'
   $options = Hash::merge($customs, $options);
   echo $this->BootstrapNav->nestedLinks($menu['threaded'], $options);