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0.2.0-beta 2014-07-29 12:21 UTC


Because you don't wanna waste your time writing API wrappers

Copyright (C) 2014 Gael Abadin
License: MIT Expat
Version: 0.2.0-beta
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I was working on a project which, after doubling in functionality from the specifications of the first release, needed some serious tidying up of the API calling code but had no way to justify the work of rewriting it all to use calls to an API client module instead, other than:

  • It's cleaner.
  • It's modular.
  • Less complex.
  • Extendable.
  • Scalable.
  • Reusable.
  • More manageable.
  • It saves quite a few lines of code.

Since there was no API client implementing the methods I needed and considering how useful would have been to me if somebody had published a FOS one, I decided that, instead of charging the client for changes introducing benefits that will not be perceived directly or immediatly, I would go and write a basic but more useful open source API client with wrappers for the methods that I use, then release it to the public in case somebody else wants to use it and maybe even extend it.

I started with ~150 lines of code from Ben Ubois's work for flickerbox, introducing some improvements, implementation changes and design changes, mostly to fit my project's design and coding style guidelines. Then I added some extra functionality, fixed a few bugs, did some integration testing... And that was it: first (beta) version ready to ship.


  • PHP >= 5.3.0 with the SOAP extension enabled (and cURL extension for SSL support)


You can simply add MarketoSoapClient.php to your project or, if your project uses composer, add the dependency to your composer.json file to retrieve
the code from packagist on install:

"require": {
        "elcodedocle/marketo-soap-api-php-client": "0.2.*@beta"

Usage example

Create a MarketoSoapApiClient object:

require_once 'route/to/MarketoSoapApiClient.php';

use au\com\hooshmarketing\marketoconnector\modules\marketosoapapiclient\MarketoSoapApiClient;

// replace with your Marketo soap endpoint (without ?WSDL at the end)
$soapEndpoint = 'https://<YOUR-MUNCHKIN-ID>.mktoapi.com/soap/mktows/2_2';

try {
    $marketoSoapApiClient = new MarketoSoapApiClient(
        new SoapClient(
} catch (SoapFault $ex){
    // Error connecting to Marketo SOAP Endpoint
    // ...

Invoke any of the implemented methods, e.g.:

$leadCookie = ''; // fill in with some lead cookie value you want to test


will echo the processed lead obtained for $leadCookie.

(Check the phpdoc on MarketoSoapApiClient.php for info on the implemented methods and their parameters)


  • Implement wrappers for all the missing methods. (This API implements wrappers for only 5 out of the 23 methods marketo SOAP API provides: getLead, syncLead, getCampaignsForSource, requestCampaign and scheduleCampaign. I don't need to use any more methods right now, but I'll be implementing more as I need them, and any requests will be considered and implemented in order of popularity, so don't hessitate on opening/+1 a ticket or a pull request if you like this code and would like to request some particular extension or implement one yourself and have it merged into this project).


Ben Ubois, the developer behind Marketo, "A PHP client for the Marketo SOAP API"



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