A library to create certification system

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This is provides a complete system to build multiple choice question system. This is useful for any company that need to test an applicant, or to make a certification website/training tool.

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How to use it?

Inside any PHP application

As usual, use composer to install the library:

composer require "certificationy/certificationy"

Then, you need to load questions using a loader: for now only PhpArray and Yaml loaders are provided, but thanks to the Loader interface you can create your owns.

For instance, let's say you have created a Yaml file with some few questions:

# question.yaml
category: basics
        question: '2 + 2 = ?'
            - {value: 4, correct: true}
            - {value: 3, correct: false}
            - {value: 2, correct: false}

Then you can do:

use Certificationy\Loaders\YamlLoader;

$loader = new YamlLoader(['path/to/question.yaml']);
$questions = $loader->load(1, []); // (nbQuestions, fromCategories)
$loader->categories(); // ['basics']

$set = Set::create($questions);

Then, for each question you can set user answers (as answers can be multiple):

$set->setUserAnswers(0, [4]); // (questionIndex, [values])

At every moment, you can get the correct and wrong answers (non answered questions are wrong).


CLI tool

A CLI tool is available under the following repository: http://www.github.com/certificationy/certificationy-cli.

Please, help us to complete our official packs of questions!

You can submit PR with your own questions into the packs located under the Certificationy organization.

We provide packs for both PHP5 and Symfony certifications.

More we will have questions, the more powerful will be this tool!