Errbit error catcher integration

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2.0.3 2019-08-20 15:12 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-21 01:28:49 UTC


Automated error tracking for your Typo3 projects.

What does it do?

(Exception on client Website) -> (Errbit) -> (Notification(Slack|Ticket|Mail...))

The Extension catches all occurring exception and communcaties them to an errbit/airbrake server. The errbit server can be configured to notify users (developers) via mail,slack, create a ticket and so on.

See here

alt text


  • Install the extension
  • Change the default exception handler (install tool or LocalConfiguration.php)
'debugExceptionHandler' => 'Eike\\Errbit\\DebugExceptionHandler',
'productionExceptionHandler' => 'Eike\\Errbit\\ProductionExceptionHandler',
'ErrorHandler' => 'Eike\\Errbit\\ErrorHandler',

Of course you can also just activate one or two of the handler.

E.g if you just want exceptions to be tracked in production mode you just register productionExceptionHandler.


Via the extension manager you can configure the extension.

  • apiKey: Your app api key in your errbit/airbrake installation
  • host: URL to your errbit server (e.g. domain.com)
  • port: The port errbit/airbrake listens on (https is 443)