Clean up profile URLs on Knowns profile page and add favicons

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A Known plugin to clean up the URLs displayed in the profile page. After enabling the plugin, just the usernames and an appropriate icon from Font Awesome is shown for the services handled by this plugin.

How does it look like

When you setup Known, enter some URLs in your profile and then have a look at your profile page. It'll look somewhat like this:

Without Plugin

Wow, all those long URLs are kinda messed up.

Here's where this plugin comes in. It shortens the URLs down to the respective usernames (if applicable) and even adds some more icons for the different services.

So, after activating the plugin the profile shown above looks like this:

With Plugin

Neat, huh?

Looks awesome, how do I set it up

Using composer (preferred)

The plugin is composer-ready. Just go to the directory you're running Known from and execute

composer require egoexpress/known-shortprofile

Afterwards, activate the plugin in the Web UI (Site Configuration/Plugins).

The old-fashioned way

Switch to the IdnoPlugins directory of your Known installation and clone this repo:

git clone Shortprofile

Afterwards, activate the plugin as described above.


If you want to add some additional services, feel free to fork the repo and add a pull request afterwards. I'm happy to merge any additional services.