Littlefoot CMS, ORM, Framework, etc

v2.1 2017-06-05 03:30 UTC


The Big CMS with a little footprint.

Visit http://littlefootcms.com/manual for verbose documentation.


  1. Download littlefoot.zip and unzip to your document root (eg, public_html)
  2. Visit http://yourdomain.com/littlefoot/
  3. You will be prompted for MySQL database credentials
  4. If you need to create a database in cPanel first, follow these instructions
  5. Once you enter all the database information and provide an admin password, click Install.

You should now be presented with the Littlefoot Admin.

Submitting Issues

The preferred convention for issue titles is as follows:

<affected area> - <issue>

ie, lf admin - add 'anonymous' to ACL tool


Please include a screenshot. GitHub made it really easy

Design thoughts

  • I want to be able to access anything from any context.