Easily implement alert messages in your Bootstrap design using Laravel.

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One of the tasks I do repeatedly, is displaying Bootstrap success messages and alert messages. This is why I created this package. I want to easily display messages when a form is submitted, when a task is completed and in lots of other situations.

Ofcourse I can do something like this:

return redirect()->back()->with(['message' => 'A message to display']);

However, I wanted to create a different solution for this. This enables me, for example, to add multiple alerts in different parts of the code.


I have included the 3 types of Bootstrap alerts I use the most: danger (for alerts), success (for success messages) and info (obviously for informational messages). With this package, I can easily do the following:

success('A success message');
error('An error message');
info('An info message');

If you already use the success, error or info functions elsewhere in the code, I can also do the following:


use Eelcol\LaravelBootstrapAlerts\Facade\BootstrapAlerts;

BootstrapAlerts::addSuccess('A success message');
BootstrapAlerts::addError('An error message');
BootstrapAlerts::addInfo('An info message');

Display the message

Edit your Blade file to display the messages in the place you want:

{!! display_bootstrap_alerts() !!}

Just include this simple line and your Bootstrap alerts will be displayed. Form validation errors by Laravel are automaticly also displayed in a single Laravel alert.


Do you want to customize the HTML? Simply override the alert.blade.php file. Create a folder called resources/views/vendor/laravel-bootstrap-alerts and create a file alerts.blade.php in this folder. Copy the contents from the alerts.blade.php file from this package, and make adjustments as wanted.


Require this package with composer.

composer require eelcol/laravel-bootstrap-alerts

Laravel 5.5 uses Package Auto-Discovery, so doesn't require you to manually add the ServiceProvider.

If you don't use auto-discovery, add the ServiceProvider to the providers array in config/app.php