Library to work with GenBank files

dev-master 2018-10-02 20:16 UTC


A php library to read with genbank files. This is under construction

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My use cases

My infrastructure is targeted to Ubuntu 16.04 machines with last php7.2 installed from ppa:ondrej/php.


The source code is documented using phpDocumentor style, so it should pop up nicely if you're using IDEs like PhpStorm or similar.



composer require edwrodrig/genbank_reader


The test are built using PhpUnit. It generates images and compare the signature with expected ones. Maybe some test fails due metadata of some generated images, but at the moment I haven't any reported issue.


MIT license. Use it as you want at your own risk.

About language

I'm not a native english writer, so there may be a lot of grammar and orthographical errors on text, I'm just trying my best. But feel free to correct my language, any contribution is welcome and for me they are a learning instance.