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ImgPen example with PHP file uploader server

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How to use ImgPen image editor code samples

Here is the couple of ImgPen usage examples in PHP code with comments.

Example frontend application is already prebuild with JavaScript example package and here you can see how integrate it with PHP backend.

Install, build, run

  1. Clone this repository:
git clone https://github.com/edsdk/imgpen-example-php
cd imgpen-example-php
  1. Install dependencies and run it
composer install
cd www
php -S localhost:8080

Then open localhost:8080 URL in your browser and enjoy the demo.


There are two simple examples inside this demo. Examples let you to edit images and upload them into www/images directory.

In your project you will use the same File Uploader backend (other supported languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, ASP.NET, etc).

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