Functions that make working with WordPress easier.

v0.0.3 2019-05-08 10:35 UTC


A collection of functions to help with WordPress theme & plugin development.


Install from Composer:

composer require ed-itsolutions/wordpress-fns

Then add require('vendor/autoload.php'); to the top of your functions.php.


wordpress_fns_as_filter($functionName, $priority = 10, $args = 1)

Adds the named function $functionName as a filter with the same name.

wordpress_fns_featured_image_at_size($postId, $imageSize)

Returns the given posts $postId featured image at size $imageSize.

Returns false if the post does not have a featured image.


Returns the given date using the WordPress sites date formatting.

$date can either be a timestamp or anything that strtotime can handle.


Returns the id of the attachment from the url. Extremely useful when working with meta boxes etc... that store an images URL instead of its attachment id.

Returns false if no attachment could be found.

wordpress_fns_get_page_sub_menu_items($pageId, $menuName)

Returns an array of menu items that are the direct desendants of the supplied page $pageId on the menu $menuName.

Returns an empty array if it couldn't find the menu item for the supplied page.


If the page has a featured image that image at the given size $imageSize will be returned, otherwise it returns the header image set in the customizer.


We welcome PRs to this project. If you have a function or improvement feel free to add them.

We ask that:

  • All functions be prefixed with wordpress_fns_.
  • All functions return false instead of throwing an error or null.
  • Don't add actions or filters, if users want to use a function as a filter they can do it themselves.