Utility class for the mobilant sms service

0.3.0 2016-06-10 10:14 UTC


Mobilant is an ideal platform for sending sms, using this very simple API.

This is a composer package for using the Mobilant REST API. Have a look at their API docs for more details about all the parameters.

minimum configuration

Fastest possible usage for PHP 5.4+ using chaining for a fluent interface

(new \Econic\Mobilant\SMS)
	->setMessage('hello world')

Fastest possible usage for < PHP 5.4 and without using chaining

$mobilant = new \Econic\Mobilant\SMS();
$mobilant->setMessage('hello world');


Every setter returns the object again to enable chaining and has a respective getter

setKey Your app API key

setMessage The message of the sms

setTo The receiver's phone number

setFrom The sender name

setRoute The route to choose

setCharset The encoding of the string you pass into setMessage() and setFrom()

setRef The reference to save with the message

setConcat If the message should be concatenated when > 160 chars

setSenddate The date to send if you want to time it for later

setDebug If you want to act as if you'd drop a message but don't want it to be sent

send Send the text message

Returns array with two indexes:

'success' => true if the message was sent successfully, otherwise false

'response' => An array with the data returned by the mobilant api if the message was sent successfully, otherwise null. Indexes are responsecode, message_id, cost, count