Related Nodes datatype bundle for eZ Publish

0.9.0 2015-12-20 12:52 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-11-25 13:18:22 UTC



eZ Publish 5 bundle providing a very simple Related Nodes (Related Locations) datatype for eZ Publish 5.

Fields using the Related Nodes datatype can be accessed or displayed using the Symfony stack. To edit them you need to use the legacy stack.

The datatype does not check that locations/nodes exist or can be accessed by the current user. You will need to write your own code to do that.

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Copyright (C) 2015 Enterprise AB Ltd


Licensed under GNU General Public License 2.0


Requires eZ Publish 5.


  1. Install the bundle into vendors using composer:

     composer require --update-no-dev --prefer-dist eab/relatednodesbundle

    Or if you want to modify the bundle, clone the bundle into src using git:

     git clone https://github.com/eab-dev/EabRelatedNodesBundle.git src/Eab/RelatedNodesBundle
  2. Edit the file ezpublish/EzPublishKernel.php, look for the function registerBundles() and add:

     new Eab\RelatedNodesBundle\EabRelatedNodesBundle(),
  3. Run (in Windows you should be administrator to create symlinks):

     php ezpublish/console ezpublish:legacybundles:install_extensions
     php ezpublish/console ezpublish:legacy:script bin/php/ezpgenerateautoloads.php
     php ezpublish/console cache:clear --no-warmup --env=prod
  4. Use eZ Publish's admin interface to add a field using this datatype to a content type and create some content.

  5. Test it in a Twig template using ez_render_field. A basic usage would be:

         {{ ez_render_field( content,
                                 'parameters': {
                                                 'viewType': 'line'
                             } ) }}