PHP client library for the DynamicPDF Cloud API.

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PHP Client (php-client)

The PHP Client (php-client) project uses the DynamicPDF Cloud API's PHP client library to create, merge, split, form fill, stamp, obtain metadata, convert, and secure/encrypt PDF documents.

The DynamicPDF Cloud API consists of the following endpoints.

  • dlex-layout
  • image-info
  • pdf
  • pdf-info
  • pdf-text
  • pdf-xmp

For more information, please visit DynamicPDF Cloud API. Support for other languages/platforms (PHP, C#, Node.js) is available on GitHub (DynamicPDF Cloud API at GitHub).



Use Composer to install the client library.


The preferred method is via Composer. Install Composer as follows.

composer update


  • Obtain overview documentation for the DynamicPDF Cloud API Client libraries from the Cloud API Users Guide.
  • Access the documentation for each particular endpoint from the following Users Guide pages.
Endpoint REST Endpoint REST Endpoint Client Library Description
dlex-layout Cloud API Users Guide - dlex-layout dlex-layout Returns a PDF after processing a DLEX file with it's associated JSON data.
image-info Cloud API Users Guide - image-info image-info Returns image metadata as a JSON document.
pdf Cloud API Users Guide - pdf pdf Returns a PDF after performing one of the pdf endpoint's tasks (page, dlex, image) or merging.
pdf-info Cloud API Users Guide - pdf-Info pdf-info Returns PDF metadata as a JSON document.
pdf-text Cloud API Users Guide - pdf-text pdf-text Returns the text from a PDF as a JSON document.
pdf-xmp Cloud API Users Guide - pdf-xmp pdf-xmp Returns XMP metadata from a PDF.

REST Client

  • The php-client uses the PHP built-in cURL application. Refer to the Client URL Library page in the PHP Manual for more information.


The following table lists the available tutorials.

Tutorial Title Tutorial Location
Merging PDFs
Completing an AcroForm
Creating a PDF Using a DLEX and the pdf Endpoint
Adding Bookmarks to a PDF
Creating a PDF Using the dlex-layout Endpoint
Extracting Image Metadata
Extract PDF Metadata
Extracting PDF's Text
Extract XMP Metadata

For more information on the tutorials and example code, refer to


The primary source for the DynamicPDF Cloud API support is through Stack Overflow. Please use the "dynamicpdf-api" tag to ask questions. Our support team actively monitors the tag and responds promptly to any questions. Also, let us know you asked the question by following up with an email to

Pro Plan Subscribers#

Ticket support is available to Pro Plan subscribers. But we still encourage you to help the community by posting on Stack Overflow when possible. You can also email if you need to ask something specific to your use case that may not help the DynamicPDF Cloud API community.


The php-client library is licensed under the MIT License.