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*** v1.0.1 *** LibCoverage for full code coverage for php library creater.


composer require --dev dvaknheo/libcoverage
composer exec libcoverage          # show help
composer exec libcoverage setup
cat test_reports/index.html        #  you can use browser open it
# composer exec libcoverage cloze  # write a new class , cloze it.
# phpunit tests/AppTest.php && phpunit tests/support.php # report for a class change
# composer exec libcoverage report  # 

composer exec libcoverage setup create phpunit.xml and tests/boostrap.php and tests/support.php on not exists

run phpunit , browse test_reports/index.html

setup command folow src create tests/*Test.php test template.

e.g. src/App.php

namespace MyProject;

class App
    public function foo()

be tests/AppTest.php

namespace tests\MyProject;

use MyProject\App;

use LibCoverage\LibCoverage;

class AppTest extends \PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase
    public function testAll()
        /* //

finish test code, good job.

next image is LibCoverage self unit test report


LibCoverage options

    public $options = [
        'namespace' => null,
        'path' => null,
        'path_src' => 'src',
        'path_dump' => 'test_coveragedumps',
        'path_report' => 'test_reports',
        'path_test' => 'tests',
        'path_data' => 'tests/data_for_tests',
        'auto_detect_namespace' => true,
        'override_class' => null,

composer exec libcoverage can take these options on.

e.g. vendor/bin/libcoverage --path='abc' --path_test=test

LibCoverage class public methods

static methods

    LibCoverage::G($object=null); // changable singleton.
    LibCoverage::Begin($class);    // begin a class trace.
    LibCoverage::End();  // end a class trace.

ext methods

    LibCoverage::G()->init(array $options, ?object $context = null); // boostrap.php use to init
    LibCoverage::G()->showAllReport();  // support.php use to report
    LibCoverage::G()->createProject();  //  use by command setup
    LibCoverage::G()->createTests();  // use by command cloze

other methods

    LibCoverage::G()->addExtFile($extFile); // use to global function and more.
    LibCoverage::G()->getClassTestPath($class); // directory for class . e.g. tests/data_for_test/<$class>
    LibCoverage::G()->cleanDirectory($dir);  // for clean support dir.

customer and option 'override_class'

namespace MyProject;
class MyLibCoverage extends \LibCoverage\LibCoverage
    public function showAllReport()
        echo "\n-------- customer overrrided -------\n";

vendor/bin/libcoverage --override_class='MyProject\MyLibCoverage'

So, you can see the string -------- customer overrrided ------- after run.