Tracks build scripts order of precedence and executes them in series

0.1.4 2014-06-04 00:37 UTC


Build Status


  • tracks latest executed file
  • sorts new files in timely order
  • stops execution on error (executable script return code must be greater than zero)


Constructor accepts 2 parameters:

  • $buildsDir -- a directory where executable files are located
  • $latestBuildFilename -- a writable file name where BuildsExecutor stores latest executed file name

List of new builds

$buildsExecutor = new BuildsExecutor($buildsDir, $latestBuildFilename);
$buildFiles     = $buildsExecutor->getNewBuilds();

New builds execution

BuildsExecutor::executeNewBuilds() returns an instance of Result. Result contains 2 methods:

  • getReturnCode -- obtain a return code, 0 if all the files were executed successfully, otherwise latest executed file return code
  • getOutput -- an array of executed file outputs
$buildsExecutor = new BuildsExecutor($buildsDir, $latestBuildFilename);
$result         = $buildsExecutor->executeNewBuilds();