PHP library to parse reStructuredText documents

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PHP library to parse reStructuredText document


The parser can be used this way:


$parser = new Dusta\RST\Parser;

// RST document
$rst = '
Hello world

What is it?
This is a **RST** document!

Where can I get it?
You can get it on the `GitHub page <https://github.com/Gregwar/RST>`_';

// Parse it
$parser = $parser->parse($rst);
$head = array();
foreach ($parser->headerNodes as $node) {
    $headers[] = $node->render();

$headers = $document; // array
$content = $parser->render(); // string

echo '<head>';
foreach ($headers as $value) {
    echo $value;
echo '</head>';
echo '<body>';
echo $content;
echo '</body>';

Writing directives

Step 1: Extends the Directive class

Write your own class that extends the Dusta\RST\Directive class, and define the method getName() that return the directive name.

You can then redefine one of the following method:

  • processAction() if your directive simply tweak the document without modifying the nodes
  • processNode() if your directive is adding a node
  • process() if your directive is tweaking the node that just follows it

See Directive.php for more information

Step 2: Register your directive

You can register your directive by directly calling registerDirective() on your Parser object.

Else, you will have to also create your own kernel by extending the Kernel class and adding your own logic to define extra directives, see Kernel.php for more information. Then, pass the kernel when constructing the Parser or the Builder


This library is under MIT license